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Graphic Designer and Internationally Published Author

It's Me Penelope


It's Me Penelope

I am a graphic designer and writer based in Cincinnati, my work exists at the intersection of architecture and design.

Hotel Indigo Cleveland

Classic Feel & Modern design

My work blends my degree in Fine Art and love for traditional media with a modern design sensibility. I am always keeping an eye on the latest trends in interior, architectural, fashion, and graphic design. My work reflects a variety of influences and pays homage to the past, while staying on-trend.

My process always starts with extensive research. As an internationally published author, I always want my design to tell a story. Even if the research is not immediately obvious, it is a necessary step that informs everything that follows.         

What I do


Graphic Design

I'm fluent in Adobe CC and executing projects to fit client needs, including large scale print-ready work in a number of on-trend styles.

Web Design

I'm familiar with all the major tools in a web designer's arsenal, including Wordpress, Dreamweaver, SEO and SEM Optimization.

Art Consultant 

I've collaborated with some of the coolest artists in the industry and helped them to deliver incredible artwork to meet client expectations.

My recent projects

All projects
All projects
Hotel Indigo Cleveland
Art Deco remixes of Cleveland history, textured fine art meets graphic photography overlays in this incredible historic property.
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Hilton Garden Inn Flint, MI
A breath of new life to a historic town in need of great art. Art Deco inspirations blend with modern overlays and historic photos.
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Hotel Williamsburg
Creative overlays pulling from the historic Williamsburg archives. Bold colors give the historic property a modern look.
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Sunny Side Up Cafe
A fun, Eastern-inspired cafe set in beautiful South Bend with key elements of humor and play.
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Lexington Senior Living
Modern take on the traditional senior living experience, with creative hand-drawn elements.
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